What's new with Camera FV-5 and Android Lollipop?

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Usually every Android version has introduced some changes and improvements to the camera department, that developers could use to improve their camera applications and provide better control of the camera. But with the introduction of Android Lollipop, a new subsystem has been introduced, that radically changes the way applications interact with the camera, for the better!

But, yeah, I don't want technical details, what that mean for us using Camera FV-5? Basically, for now:

Manual shutter speed

Now, instead of a few presets, or a digitally composed long exposure mode, you get complete manual control of the shutter speed while using the speed priority mode (S). The shutter speed range will vary with devices, but a range from 1/2000" to 4" will be typical. That means a huge step closer to actual DSLRs. The UI will feel really familiar for photographers that have worked with DSLRs or mirrorless cameras.

Manual focus

By now you will see that everything here revolves about "manual"-everything. A new focus mode will be enabled on Android Lollipop-compliant devices: manual focus. On that mode, the focus rectangle won't be shown, and you can slide on the viewfinder to adjust manually the focus point from the closest distance (macro) to infinity, and anywhere inbetween. No more hunting with the touch focus to get your focus right, and plenty of newer opportunities for creative focus shots!

Realtime exposure and ISO data on all devices

On all Android Lollipop-compliant devices you will now see the chosen exposure time (if the exposure program is automatic) and ISO (if set to automatic) displayed in realtime on the top part of the viewfinder, just like it was possible before just after taking the picture.

True RAW image capturing

Last but not least, on compatible Android Lollipop-compliant devices, Camera FV-5 will be able to shoot in true 16-bit RAW, and save it as a standard Adobe DNG file (Digital Negative). This means opening the door to the true RAW quality and flexibility of your sensor, and you will be able to use your favorite RAW workflow software (Adobe Lightroom or Camera Raw, Capture One...) with the DNG photos produced by the app. Camera FV-5 does even shoot RAW+JPEG, so you will get the best of both worlds (RAW capture plus an already processed image ready to display and share). Read more information about how to enable RAW capturing.


These features will start rolling out gradually to new and existing customers of Camera FV-5, and definitely require Android Lollipop on your device. If your OEM has not yet released an Android Lollipop update, check with them their update schedule.


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