Hardware image stabilization support

Starting with Camera FV-5 version 1.20 there is a toggle to activate hardware image stabilization on devices that support it. At the moment of launch, the following models are supported:

LGE LG-LG855, LGE LG-LS855, Lge LG-P970, LGE LG-P970h, Lge LG-P990, LGE LG-P990h, LGE LG-P999, LGE Optimus 2X, Motorola A853, Motorola A853, Motorola A953, Motorola A953, Motorola DROID2 GLOBAL, Motorola DROID2 GLOBAL, Motorola DROIDX, Motorola DROIDX, Motorola MB525, Motorola MB526, Motorola MB526, Motorola Milestone, Motorola Milestone, Motorola MotoroiX, Motorola MotoroiX, Motorola XT610, Motorola XT610, Motorola XT928, OpusOne_BMUS Motorola_i1, PANTECH IM-A770K, PANTECH PantechP9060, PANTECH PantechP9070, Samsung GT-I9000T, Samsung GT-I9003L, Samsung GT-I9103, Samsung GT-P1000, Samsung GT-P1000N, Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I927R, Samsung SAMSUNG-SGH-I997, Samsung SC-02B, Samsung SCH-R910, Samsung SGH-T839, Samsung SGH-T959, Samsung SGH-T959D, Samsung SGH-T959V and TIANYU Micromax A85.

The actual list of devices that support hardware image stabilization can be found on the device compatibility page.

The new IS toggle can be found on the [MENU] button at the left side of the viewfinder.


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