OnePlus One Camera FV-5 RAW samples

You can find here some sample photographs taken with the OnePlus One with RAW capture enabled. You need the new Camera FV-5 version 2.38 to be able to enable RAW capture on your One.

All the pictures were taken handheld in automatic mode, with no particular settings, besides touch light metering and exposure compensation. You can download both the original compressed JPG and the RAW photograph in DNG format for close inspection.

You can also take a look at the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 RAW samples.

General samples


Solitude gallery sample



Please note that all those photographs are copyrighted by Flavio González Vázquez. If you want to link to them, please hotlink the pictures from our server by copying the link to the DNG or JPEG files (right-clicking on the icon, and selecting "Copy link address") and put a link back to this page. Please avoid copying the photos to your server. If in doubt, please contact us.


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